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Mindful Gifts CIC are supporting ‘Friends of the Earth’ and their campaign to ‘reduce the use of plastic’ by supplying customers with handmade bags for gifts purchased. Subject to availability, these handmade bags , made out of recycled material , will be given to you to carry your purchases home. Kind customers are making the bags with the donations of material given to Mindful Gifts CIC including old curtains, rice sacks and off cuts of material.  Vicki Phipps, Founder of Mindful Gifts CIC said ” It makes sense to utilise the donations of material we receive and recycle these into vintage bags. Friends of the Earth volunteers are doing this for us and instead of giving customers plastic bags, these handmade bags are much more practical and environmentally friendly. The reactions off our customers is very positive as well”.

Mindful Gifts CIC based in Darlaston , have a unique shop that is set in the past which benefits people with dementia. If you are interested in making bags or donating material then please contact Vicki on 01922 495994 or email

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