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Kath has made us a lovely rag rug poppy wreath for our window . We will be dressing our window for World War 1 Centenary on 11 November 2018. We will be having a 'Thank You Party' on Saturday 10 November 2018, 7pm, tickets £4.99 and we will also be opening our Mindful Gifts Shop on Sunday for free tea for people attending the parade and remembrance in Darlaston.  

Our lovely volunteers had afternoon tea with the mayor on Tuesday at the town hall. We closed the shop and enjoyed sandwiches, cakes and tea instead!

Our crocheting and knitting activity group is growing ! We will need a larger table or bigger shop soon! Join us if you want to take part in an activity or for tea and cake. Just £1 donation .  

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ( Harry and Meghan) loved their 'This is Your Life' book that we sent them for their wedding. We received a letter from Kensington Palace to say how much they appreciated the gift! The big red book can be used to document special memories and make a great gift for special occasions.