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Care Home Activities for Dementia

While many hospitals and care homes offer excellent support, some are not doing enough to provide high quality, personalised care that helps individuals to live as fulfilling a life as possible”. This is evidenced by the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) review of dementia care.

The Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020 is to create a society by 2020 where every person with dementia, and their carers and families will receive high quality, compassionate care from diagnosis through to end of life care. This applies to all care settings, whether home, hospital or care home. The Challenge all sets out that all hospitals and care homes will be meeting agreed criteria to becoming a dementia friendly health and care setting.

An estimated 25 percent of hospital beds are occupied by people with dementia and approximately 69 per cent of care home residents are currently estimated to have dementia. With this in mind care homes and hospitals need to be doing more to be equipped with supporting people with dementia and this means having adult appropriate and suitable activities. As everyone is an individual some people will enjoy doing a particular activity whilst another will not get pleasure from it. Therefore, there needs to be a range of activities to suit everyone’s needs.

Mindful Gifts CIC can make things easy for you, by providing a one stop shop for adult appropriate and meaningful activities. All of our activities have been tried and tested for their suitability for people with dementia and our customers include care homes, hospitals, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Mental Health Trusts, day centres, prisons and dementia support groups. We have put together some professional packs, however, we have a wide selection of activities for you to choose from in the ‘Activities’ section.

You can order off our website and we can dispatch your items immediately to the address of your choice. However, if you prefer to pay by purchase order and/or invoice, you can email us at   (dot in-between mindful and gifts) with your order.

We aim to support you to become ‘dementia friendly’ health and care setting and meet the criteria set out by the Prime Minister’s Challenge.


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  • Reckitt’s Blue (Blueing Tablet)


    Reckitt’s Blue is a very old product which predates laundry liquid blue. It was used in a wash (NOT washing machine) as a whitener, to help delay the yellowing effect you can get when cotton gets older. We have been told it has many other uses too, from cleaning crystal & glassware etc (although we…

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  • Reminisence Cue Cards 50s/60s


    Reminiscence Cue Cards Life events in the 50s/60s Places, items and moments collected from the 50s and 60s to remind and engage. This set of cards looks back to the 50s and 60s – every day moments, possessions and activities that were familiar during that time. The cards are particularly useful when used in conjunction…

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  • Retro Robot


    An ideal activity for a rainy day. This retro robot measures 19cm once assembled. Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts.

  • Saturn (V) – large metal sign


    Saturn (V) – large A3 metal sign makes a great talking point and distinctive feature in any home or care setting. Haynes original owner manuals were founded in 1960 and have become a well known UK brand and have inspired generations of engineering, motoring and aviation enthusiasts

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  • Shipping Cost


    UK delivery is £4.95. This is regardless of how many items you purchase. Orders will usually arrive within 5 working days.This amount is automatically added to your shopping cart so you do not need to purchase it.  The shipping method used is second class Royal Mail. Orders under £40 do not require a signature.  All…

  • Snakes and Ladders


    Snakes and Ladders game, an essential  game  that many people will remember  with a 1920’s vintage air. Box width: 39cm – 15 inches

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  • Soother Ball- Soothing and a fun exercise, all in one!


    One ball with so many different options for creating a sensory experience! Inflated with air, this clear vinyl 12″ ball becomes a fun exercise. The small white foam pellets contained within the interior cylinder shake and move when the ball is tossed or turned. When water is added to the interior cylinder, the pellets delicately…

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  • Sounds Nostalgic: Radio Theme Tunes from the 40s & 50s (CD)


    This CD has been especially compiled from the BBC Sound Archives and contains excerpts of famous radio programme theme tunes from the 1940s and 1950s.Designed to be used as a trigger for reminiscence work with older people, this CD provides a valuable stimulus for conversation. It can also be used for group or individual quiz…

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  • Sounds Nostalgic: Voices from the 40s & 50s (CD)


    This CD has been especially compiled from BBC Radio archives and contains famous voices from the 1940s and 1950s. Politicians, radio broadcasters, royalty and show business personalities are included. Designed to be used as a trigger for reminiscence work with older people, this CD provides a valuable stimulus for conversation. It can also be used…

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  • Suffragettes memorabilia pack


    Our Suffragettes memorabilia pack is a tribute to the women who fought hard for women’s suffrage. It’s a real insight into the movement, with posters, flyers and some fantastic images from the period. It’s a useful educational resource for schools, students, or anyone interested in the period. Bringing History to Life A Replica Pack is…

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  • Suffragettes Votes for Women- A3 metal sign


    Suffragettes Votes for Women- A3 metal sign

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  • Surf – large A3 metal sign


    Surf- large A3 metal sign. Surf was introduced as a brand in 1959 and has become one of the UK’s most trusted washing powder brand. This colourful metal sign will make a great talking point and distinctive feature in any home or care setting