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Care Monitoring Device with SMS text message alerts


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In between your visits and telephone calls, would it be reassuring to know that if your loved one needed your help but was unable to raise the alarm themselves, you could still know? If so, this award-winning care monitor could be the peace of mind you are looking for.

The care monitor is a unique device for helping to keep a remote but discreet ‘eye’ on lone or vulnerable individuals and to alert carers and family if it has not seen any movement within certain periods of the day.  With its main function being to let you know via text message or ring alert when someone has had a fall or become incapacitated, this compact device also includes other important alarm features all in the one neat package.

Regular Movement
Alert sent if no morning, lunchtime or evening movement detected
Door Open Wandering
Instant alert to prevent wandering via main doors
Room Temperature
Alert if room temperature gets too cold or too hot
Mains Power Cuts
Text message to inform of main power cuts
Night Wander
Text and ‘ring’ alert in case of night time wandering
Home Security
SMS security when home left unattended
All OK
Receive a Daily or Weekly SMS to let you know all is well

Typical alert messages:

No morning movement detected- please check
No lunchtime movement detected- please check
No evening movement detected ? please check
Room temperature low- please check
Night movement detected please check