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Results summary: Views on our service 2018

 When Coming to Mindful Gifts:  
Not Sure
Not Sure
i disagree
Not applicable
 I felt welcome  100%  0  0  0
 I do something new  100%  0  0  0
 I get useful information  77%  0.5%  0  2.5%
 I feel more supported  90%  0  0  10%
 I make new friends  100%  0  0  0

Our Respondants

About our respondants:  
 I am a person living with Dementia  5%
 I have a family member with dementia  10%
 I am a carer for someone with dementia  10%
I am interested in find out more about dementia 25%
 I am a health care professional 10%
 I am shopping 20%
Other (Tea? Chat or information) 20%

We welcome your input. We depend on your feedback for both improvement and evidence of impact.

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