Having difficulty drinking or eating?

/ / Having difficulty drinking or eating?

Having difficulty using standard mugs, cups and plates? This tableware made by Wade is ideal for people who find it difficult to eat and drink from standard tableware. It can help if you have frail hands, weak wrists, and tremors, disabilities affecting movement or medical conditions such as arthritis that can affect your ability to grip. The Dignity range of tableware provides aid to individuals living with physical and/or mental impairments, designed specifically for use by those living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Each piece is made from Vitrified Earthenware with added Alumina for extra strength so they are less likely to break or chip if dropped. The ease of use of the products, available in three bright colours, yellow, green and white, can encourage eating and drinking helping with maintenance e of nutrition and hydration. www.mindfulgifts.co.uk

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