New volunteer Ellis Unchained, Help for all!

/ / New volunteer Ellis Unchained, Help for all!

Mindful Gifts CIC has a new volunteer, published award-winning Poet, Ellis Robinson Aka Ellis Unchained. Ellis, an ex-infantry soldier, served in the Mercian regiment and deployed to Afghanistan, op Herrick 19. Upon his return and transition into civilian life, he was diagnosed with PTSD and OCD. Life became too much for him, to the point he felt a change was needed and decided to take his treatment into his own hands, with the guidance of Birmingham veterans mental health service. Ellis understands that he is not out of the woods of yet but recognizes how far he has come. Ellis publishes all his poems, articles and short stories on his website. His debut poetry anthology can also be found here: Ellis would like for anyone struggling with mental health or even just struggling with life, to come and have a chat with him at Mindful Gifts CIC. He quotes, ‘The world can be a dark place, only a fragment of light is needed to create a beacon of hope, I found it so everyone can.’ A fight against mental health starts within us, come visit Mindful Gifts CIC and see if this could be the start of a new story for you.

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