Even when someone can no longer talk, music can become an avenue for communication and engagement. It seems to access parts of the brain that remain unaffected by dementia. People with dementia can have a special ability to remember songs. Even if people with dementia can’t talk, they may be able to sing, whistle, clap or tap their feet. It can help them, and their carers, to feel life is worthwhile. Listening to music can also have strong effects on people’s moods. It can lift the spirit and trigger feelings of nostalgia.

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  • ‘Grab a bag of Activities ‘ drawstring bag- ideal for keeping activities portable


    ‘Grab a bag of Activities? drawstring bag- this bag is useful for storing your activities in. It also great to be able to grab when you want to do an activity with an individual. It also allows care homes and hospitals to have access to portable activities.   Dimensions: 430 x 345 x 5mm / Print…

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  • 1950s Style Radio


    This Vintage Radio is one classy lady. Perfect for lazy weekends, afternoons in the garden, or just to keep you tuned into your favourite stations. Underneath that classic wooden body and woven cloth speaker grille is transistor technology and a back lit display. FEATURES MW/FM reception Backlit display Easy turning analogue tuning and volume controls Stands…

  • Bike Horn – it’s a horn with a heck of a honk!


    The Bike Horn makes a great musical instrument to add that honk to any music piece!  The retro horn will also bring back memories of days spent cycling many years ago. 20cm long.

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  • More Musical Bingo


    Presented in a new and easily portable style this collection of songs and boards of the ever popular game allows for great flexibility – simply print off the number of game sheets you require, switch on the CD and you’re ready to play. When players match the song excerpt they hear with a title on…

  • Musical Bingo- a fun way involving music to play Bingo


    Musical Bingo 40 popular and traditional sing-a-long songs from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Contains music CD and printable bingo sheets and song list.

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  • Musical Quiz – listen to a few bars and then ‘name that tune!’


    The Musical Quiz is ideal to use in a group activity or on a one to one basis. The CD plays tracks in random order and can easily repeat each track. It’s easy-to-play: simply listen to the first few bars of each song and then name that tune!  There are 80 different melodies designed to…

  • Rain Stick- a musical instrument or just to amuse!


    The clear Rain Stick is great for music therapy. By shaking the stick as a musical instrument it will make a beautiful sound. Or simply enjoy the stick, by turning upside down and watching the beads fall, you will find mesmerising! This will keep people amused and interested for some time. The tube is 31cm…

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  • Sounds Nostalgic: Radio Theme Tunes from the 40s & 50s (CD)


    This CD has been especially compiled from the BBC Sound Archives and contains excerpts of famous radio programme theme tunes from the 1940s and 1950s.Designed to be used as a trigger for reminiscence work with older people, this CD provides a valuable stimulus for conversation. It can also be used for group or individual quiz…

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  • Train Whistle Musical Instrument


    Lay down a music track with this nifty Train Whistle. This musical instrument is great for train and music enthusiasts alike. Length: 16 cm 8 inch. Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.