Communication Aids

While many hospitals and care homes offer excellent support, some are not doing enough to provide high quality, personalised care that helps individuals to live as fulfilling a life as possible”. This is evidenced by the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) review of dementia care.

For people who are unable to communicate verbally, we have a selection of tools that will aid communication. This includes people who are in staying in hospital. The picture cards will allow professionals and family to communicate with the individual and for them to make informed choices.

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  • Communication Cards- flashcards to help people choose personal items


    The cards are great for improving vocabulary, communicating needs or as a flexible and targeted tool for language development with older adults. These 40 photographic cards are an essential tool for therapists and carers. Includes: Personal hygiene (e.g., comb; nail scissors; deodorant; false teeth; hair dryer) Medical aids (e.g., prescription; hearing aid; communication book or…

  • Communication Cards- Flashcards to help people in hospital and nursing homes to communicate


    For people with communication difficulties, a stay in hospital can be a difficult and upsetting time. These 40 photographic cards help the individual, therapist and carers to discuss worries or issues; to communicate needs or wants; and to aid familiarisation with the environment or procedures. Includes: ? Personnel (e.g., nurse; physiotherapist; speech language therapist) ?…

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  • Communication Cards- flashcards with images of daily living activities


    These photographic flashcards provide clear and appealing images of 40 of the most common activities for daily living. Essential for all professionals and carers working with older adults with communication difficulties, these cards are a flexible tool to aid communication; develop vocabulary; initiate conversation and discussion; and to encourage independence. Includes: Household chores (e.g., vacuuming/dusting;…