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Choosing a gift for anyone can be tough; finding the perfect gift for a loved one who has dementia is no exception.  When selecting gifts choose things that will make life easier and will help maintain a degree of independence.

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    Assistive Tableware

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  • Anti-Flood Device Plug – no more floods!


    This unique device is a plug which opens when the head of water over it reaches a certain level. It is intended to prevent bath overflow. The design has a significant advantage over conventional (built-in) overflows in that the emergency outflow takes place under a very much greater head and thus at a very much…

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  • Border Control Safety Beam- easy to use wandering monitoring device


    An easy to use electronic entrance-monitoring device, which creates an invisible infrared beam between the two units up to 4 metres or 20 metres apart. Alarm sounds when someone moves through the beam, i.e. alerting a carer if someone has wandered from a bedroom at night. Three volume level settings and alarm tones. Easy to…

  • Care Monitoring Device with SMS text message alerts


    In between your visits and telephone calls, would it be reassuring to know that if your loved one needed your help but was unable to raise the alarm themselves, you could still know? If so, this award-winning care monitor could be the peace of mind you are looking for. The care monitor is a unique…

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  • Cereal Bowl (Yellow) with steep rim suitable for one handed use


    This cereal bowl allows users to push contents onto their cutlery enabling the individual to eat Featuring steeped rims, the bowl allows the user to push contents up against the sides and onto their cutlery. These ceramic bowls allow greater independence as it is suitable for one handed use. The Dignity range of tableware provides…

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  • Communication Cards- flashcards to help people choose personal items


    The cards are great for improving vocabulary, communicating needs or as a flexible and targeted tool for language development with older adults. These 40 photographic cards are an essential tool for therapists and carers. Includes: Personal hygiene (e.g., comb; nail scissors; deodorant; false teeth; hair dryer) Medical aids (e.g., prescription; hearing aid; communication book or…

  • Communication Cards- Flashcards to help people in hospital and nursing homes to communicate


    For people with communication difficulties, a stay in hospital can be a difficult and upsetting time. These 40 photographic cards help the individual, therapist and carers to discuss worries or issues; to communicate needs or wants; and to aid familiarisation with the environment or procedures. Includes: ? Personnel (e.g., nurse; physiotherapist; speech language therapist) ?…

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  • Communication Cards- flashcards with images of daily living activities


    These photographic flashcards provide clear and appealing images of 40 of the most common activities for daily living. Essential for all professionals and carers working with older adults with communication difficulties, these cards are a flexible tool to aid communication; develop vocabulary; initiate conversation and discussion; and to encourage independence. Includes: Household chores (e.g., vacuuming/dusting;…

  • Day Night Clock with moving picture of the sun, stars and moon


    The graphic Day Night Clock is ideal for people who may get confused with what time of day it is. For example 7 o’clock in the morning can get confused for 7 o’clock at night when it is dark at both times in the day. The moving picture can give a visual clue for the…

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  • Easy to use phone with one-touch buttons


    This easy to use phone with one-touch photo buttons is ideal for people who need to make a call, especially in an emergency Designed to make using a phone as simple as can be. Big buttons on a clear and spacious keypad make dialing easier than ever, while photo memories connect you with special people…

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  • Extended Rim Plate (Yellow)- allows rim to be gripped when eating


    This plate has an extended rim allowing it to be gripped when eating. Its vertical sides make scooping food easier, without spillages. The Dignity range of tableware provides aid to individuals living with physical and/or mental impairments, designed specifically for use by those living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Each piece is made from Vitrified…

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  • Get up in the night light- senses movement


    Don’t trip or fall when you get up in the night! If you frequently get up in the night to use the toilet and struggle to see in the dark then you need our LED motion sensor light! Position this indoor light along a skirting board and the bright LED’s will light up when they…

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  • Loodini – The toilet door opener that prevents germs!


    The Loodini is an handy device which is ideal for preventing germs that can cause Flu, norovirus, MRSA and E.coli. The device, about the size of a credit card, can open doors, turn taps, locks, bolts and flushes, without touching the dirty surface. It works as a physical barrier, keeping the good stuff on your…

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