Safety and Security

We all need to know that our loved ones are safe and secure. Sometimes all it needs is a simple device that can prevent a disaster happening. For instance the Anti-flood plug can prevent a flooded bathroom and even worse a damaged ceiling!

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  • Anti-Flood Device Plug – no more floods!


    This unique device is a plug which opens when the head of water over it reaches a certain level. It is intended to prevent bath overflow. The design has a significant advantage over conventional (built-in) overflows in that the emergency outflow takes place under a very much greater head and thus at a very much…

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  • Care Monitoring Device with SMS text message alerts


    In between your visits and telephone calls, would it be reassuring to know that if your loved one needed your help but was unable to raise the alarm themselves, you could still know? If so, this award-winning care monitor could be the peace of mind you are looking for. The care monitor is a unique…

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  • Get up in the night light- senses movement


    Don’t trip or fall when you get up in the night! If you frequently get up in the night to use the toilet and struggle to see in the dark then you need our LED motion sensor light! Position this indoor light along a skirting board and the bright LED’s will light up when they…

  • Memo Minder- plays message when motion is detected


    Ideal for placing near the door and prompting people to ask for ID or put the chain across before opening. The Memo Minder plays back a pre-recorded personalised message of up to 20 seconds, when motion is detected nearby.This device can also be used to remind someone to take medication , to turn off gas, to…

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