Shop set in the past is Mindful of future care!

/ / Shop set in the past is Mindful of future care!

Thanks to the Express and Star for publishing our story, we have seen even more visitors from care homes and families who have people with dementia come to our Mindful Gifts CIC Shop in Darlaston.  Since the article went in the paper a couple of weeks ago, we have had lots more visitors and its great to see the look on peoples faces when they come into the shop for the first time. Not only people with dementia benefit by being transported into the past but others benefit from the wide range of vintage items and vinyl available.

We are also extremely thankful for all the donations we have had . It’s lovely to know that the community loves and appreciates what we do and try to help in many different ways. Without the support of our volunteers and the community we wouldn’t be able to do all the good we do for people with dementia.    

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