Loodini – The toilet door opener that prevents germs!


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The Loodini is an handy device which is ideal for preventing germs that can cause Flu, norovirus, MRSA and E.coli. The device, about the size of a credit card, can open doors, turn taps, locks, bolts and flushes, without touching the dirty surface. It works as a physical barrier, keeping the good stuff on your skin, and the bad stuff where it belongs… on other people’s fingers.

For staff that work in care homes, hospitals and other environments using the device will help prevent the spread of germs which will help reduce sickness, absence from work and residents/patients being ill.

This unique device opens bathroom door handles, turns taps, locks, and flushes

Simple and effective:-

The device works in two modes:

CLOSED it functions as a hook to grab, lift and depress handles and levers. The hammer head can also be used to operate buttons and resistive touch screens.
OPEN it functions as an envelope, to surround and grip objects such as door knobs, tap lugs, bolts and twist locks.

The device is just 5mm thick. It is 86mm long and 55mm wide, the same dimensions as a standard credit card, so it will fit neatly into your pocket or purse.

No harsh chemicals:-
HAND SANITIZERS do a great job of killing bacteria. Unfortunately, they may also kill many of the beneficial bacteria normally associated with a healthy skin surface. 
The device works as a physical barrier, keeping the good stuff on your hands and the bad stuff where it belongs

The device contains a silver-based antibacterial agent (MAXITHEN® HP7M0060 AM) mixed into the matrix of the plastic, killing bacteria which might adhere to the surface. Washable in warm, soapy water, to keep clean.

The device is long lasting. Use it when you need it – eating out, cinema trips, visits to the doctors or hospital, on holiday or in the work place.

The Loodini is available in Silver, Purple, Pink, Orange and Blue. We will send you one of these colours but if you have a preference please let us know when you order. You can email us or put a comment in the shipping details.