PicLink – An Interactive Picture Game


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PicLink was conceived and designed for people with dementia; any dementia. It is also a wonderful game for those with developmental disorders including autism, and certain learning and communication disabilities.

The game consists of 36 picture tiles, each with a vibrant and recognizable image. The images measure 2½ inches square and are mounted on heavy board to make them durable and easy to handle. The cards can be used to create an almost endless variety of games intended to enhance memory, recall, and the thinking process; and to stimulate creativity and encourage conversation.

The simplest way to play is to arrange the cards by colour or by category. Each card belongs to one of six categories and is predominantly one of six colours. Difficulty level can be adjusted by using more or fewer cards. Instead of sorting all 36 cards according to colour groups, use only half of the cards from each group, or only three of the colours. Always adapt play to the ability of those playing.

Instructions included with PicLink include many other ways to play as well, and people are creating new ways all the time. Because there is no real structure the possibilities for play are limited only by your imagination. Please comment on this post, or email us to share your ideas for play so we can pass them on to others.