Reckitt’s Blue (Blueing Tablet)


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Reckitt’s Blue is a very old product which predates laundry liquid blue. It was used in a wash (NOT washing machine) as a whitener, to help delay the yellowing effect you can get when cotton gets older. We have been told it has many other uses too, from cleaning crystal & glassware etc (although we have never tested this) and we always have a run on these when it comes to the time of the year for horse shows, and Crufts! Amazing colour and a real talking point for any nostalgists kitchen! Please click on images for a bigger version. The color of this product is aquamarine blue which was used extensively in paints and other products as a colour.

(Information on packet of Reckitt’s Blue)

“Wrap Blue in cloth.
 Stir while squeezing the blue in the last rinsing water.
 Dip articles seperately for a short time; keep them moving”

Tablet can spill out of packaging so please handle with care.

The tablet is quite small, it did not need to be big as it could be re used in several washes with care. As you can see by the picture, the paper this product is wrapped in is very old fashioned, and would look great in any laundry room.