Ryder’s Annual- Wednesbury and Darlaston by Bev Parker and Tony Highfield


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Ryder’s Annual with local information about Wednesbury and Darlaston, by Bev Parker and Tony Highfield

Ryder’s Annuals were printed each year by Wednesbury’s best known printing company, Ryder & Son, and are full of information and interest, making them an essential read for anyone who is interested in local history. They provide us with a unique insight into life in a successful and rapidly developing area.

They contain rare photographs of street scenes and buildings, and of local dignitaries, industrialists, and councillors. There are adverts for Black Country made products, adverts for shops, and interesting articles on local history. There are also sections containing information about councils, public institutions, parks, libraries, schools, churches, societies, sports clubs, and a directory of the principal residents, along with Ryder’s Almanac, which listed the main events during the year of publication.

This special edition, The Very Best of Ryder’s Annual by Bev Parker & Tony Highfield, provides a fascinating look into an important part of the old Black Country. It contains a selection of articles, photographs, information, and adverts from surviving copies, which are now extremely scarce. It also includes Ryder’s Almanac from 1916, a section devoted to the First World War