Sounds Nostalgic: Voices from the 40s & 50s (CD)



This CD has been especially compiled from BBC Radio archives and contains famous voices from the 1940s and 1950s. Politicians, radio broadcasters, royalty and show business personalities are included. Designed to be used as a trigger for reminiscence work with older people, this CD provides a valuable stimulus for conversation. It can also be used for group or individual quiz sessions.

Each voice is repeated, which allows the group leader to pause the CD and give an opportunity for the group to share their views on who it is, on what occasion it was and on which radio programme the extract is from.

Depending on whether the right answer has been given, the leader may decide whether or not to give the correct answer at this stage. The CD can then continue which either provides a second opportunity to guess the personality’s voice or reinforces the correct answer if this has already been given.
Voices from 40s and 50s, include Winston Churchill, Richard Dimbleby, Joyce Grenfell, Princess Margaret are amongst the 31 voices on this CD.

Each pack contains a CD & notes for guidance in a storage wallet.