This is My Life Memory, Story Book


This is My Life , memory and story book

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This is My Life, memory and story book

Looking for the perfect gift for someone with dementia , Alzheimer’s disease or an older person?

Have you ever thought, I wished I had asked a loved one more about their past when they were here?  We often wish we had learned more about our families past and recorded these precious memories for our future families to read and learn about. Documenting our life stories is something that we all must do and the earlier we start to do this the better. That way we will have our memories recorded before they fade.

The ‘This Is My Life’ memory and story book is ideal for documenting life stories from childhood memories to present day and future wishes. The 34 pages can be used for writing past memories and/or sticking photos/newspaper cuttings to make a person’s identity come to life which can be enjoyed by many people. The activity of completing the book can be an enjoyable experience whilst the end result can be used to start meaningful conversations with the individual. This red cover book is a must for everyone and can leave a lasting legacy for family and friends.

The sections include:

  • My Childhood and Family Life
  • My School Days
  • My Working Life
  • Going Out and Having Fun
  • Weddings
  • My Home, Garden and Pets
  • My Family
  • Food and Cooking
  • My Holidays
  • My Friends
  • My Hobbies and Interests
  • My Significant Life Events
  • My Faith
  • My Likes and Dislikes
  • My Daily Routines
  • My Special Occasions
  • My Happy Memories
  • My End of Life Wishes