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The Memory Box- discussion cards that will prompt memories


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The Memory Box contains a guidebook and 120 discussion cards to facilitate general reminiscence, produce memory diaries, put together guided autobiographies, or to help facilitate life reviews.

Divided into twelve themes, the cards cover: family background; childhood and school days; adult life and children; working life; events; achievements; places; people; good times and bad times; favorite things; love and romance; and bits and pieces.
The cards can be used with individuals or groups using spoken, recorded or written responses, and are adaptable for use with most clients and groups.
Includes guidance on working with groups with learning difficulties, sensory or speech difficulties, dementia or bereavement, depression and illness.

Ideal for use by tutors, care workers, nurses and occupational therapists working in hospitals, day centres, residential homes or education settings facilitating the process of reminiscence.

120 full colour cards, instruction booklet, boxed