We make a difference in many ways!

/ / We make a difference in many ways!

Just some of the good things Mindful Gifts has done to make a difference! Support the environment: Distribute recycled bags made out of unwanted material (Friends of the Earth) Recycle and upcycle all donated items (95%) Promote unwanted items to be donated instead of going to landfill Give value for money and affordable items Promote a cohesive community Encourage ‘out of town’ visitors to the town Support well-being: Create volunteer opportunities Run daily activities that enable to learn something new, keep the mind active and encourage social mixing Specialise in meaningful activities for people with dementia Encourage social mixing across the community Give information, advice and sign posting about a range of health-related issues Provide a unique facility which prompts memories and a welcoming atmosphere to relax Provide a listening ear, help and moral support for people who are worried or are in need of help Safe place to visit Promote improved spoken English language

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